Warning: May cause light bruising followed by bouts of euphoria and glee.

We’re glad you found your way to us! There’s a lot of cool stuff here, but it can be a bit daunting at first. So we want to make this really easy for you. Bottom-line, our mission is to help small business owners work fewer hours make more money and have a kick-butt life!  It’s a tall order, one we’re passionate about, and that’s exactly what other people have been saying.

Do you want something out of the ordinary that will help you stretch and grow? If so, we promise to pull out your brain, squish it a bit, and then put it back in (better than before) with our unique programs , live workshops, and awesome blog articles.

Want the really cool stuff? Get our newest e-book Time Sucked! for FREE More information RIGHT HERE.

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This Month’s Featured Programs

Triple Your Productivity

Rock Your Productivity Mojo – Time Management Program – Double and even Triple your productivity without adding hours to your day! You will learn a proven system that will rock your world AND save you time so you can do the things you REALLY want to do! Next class starts September 18th! Class size is limited. Click here to learn more

Go Un-Stuck Yourself!

3 Keys To Unlocking Self-sabotage, Bad Habits and Indecision.

Click here to check out this awesome Webinar coming on Spetember 25th, featuring Chris Harris from RefuseOrdinary and Vickie Griffith of BreakThrough.

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Free E-Book

Web-Preview_Time-SuckedSince you found your way to our website, we wanted to extend to you a FREE copy of our newest e-book:  Time Sucked! How to rock your productivity mojo AND get your life back.

Reading this e-book is a great place to start if you are:

A one-armed paper hanger. You’re busy, busy, busy; but you feel like you’re just not productive. You’re overworked with the stuff. You’re exhausted and stressed.

Slammed. You’re buried with to-do lists and tasks and even though you’re making progress, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

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