Warning: May cause light bruising followed by bouts of euphoria and glee.

We’re glad you found your way to us! There’s a lot of cool stuff here, but it can be a bit daunting at first. So we want to make this really easy for you. Bottom-line, our mission is to help small business owners cut through the crap and chaos to have a kick-ass life!  We provide the resources to help you do just that. It’s a tall order, one we’re passionate about, and that’s exactly what other people have been saying.

Are you open to something out of the ordinary that will help you stretch and grow? If so, we promise to pull out your brain, squish it a bit, and then put it back in (better than before) with our unique programs , live workshopsweekly newsletter and awesome blog articles… Enjoy!

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This Month’s Featured Programs

Attention All RefuseOrdinary Alumni

You know who you are!  Kick In The Pants – Bootcamp April 24th . If your 2014 is not rocking yet… this is for YOU!  Click here for more details

Stuff Busting: Organize Your Head & Your Office

Do you have an OVERWHELMING amount of things to do? Are there a few goals, plans, and projects that have been DERAILED and its only APRIL?   Does the inside of your head and your office look about the same? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to prioritize, systematize, and organize BOTH. Click here for more details

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Success Stories

My name is Bonnie, owner of Design Source Inc.

I wanted to take the Life-Balance Time Management Program to get some sanity back into my work day.  Demands on my time were pulling me in too many directions and I needed help.

I  wanted something to help me focus my time but also strategies on where I should spend my time in order to work less, make more money, and get my life back.

Here are some of the highlights of what I just went through:

  • I wrote down every little thing I do during my work day.  This was a pain in the ass but my perception of where I was spending my time and the reality of where I was spending it was very different.

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