U-Factor! Is It For You?

Ready For A Change…Maybe You’re In A Transition?

Transitions in work and life can be exciting, but they can also be filled with uncertainty and stress.

Are you living in that “sweet spot” where you are filled with passion and purpose? Or do you feel stuck in a limbo-land; wanting to change but not sure of the best way to move forward? That’s where we can help.

Is your career where you want it to be? What about your health and fitness? Or your relationships? Or the rest of your life? Are you where you want to be? Are you living your ideal life? Do you even have a vision of what your ideal life looks like? And if you do, are you clear on your next steps to bring that life to reality?

If you are truly living the life you want, by design, then we applaud you! If, on the other hand, there are aspects of your life where you need clarity, direction or action, then U-Factor may be for you.

The Power of U

U-Factor is a two-month program designed to cut through the chaos and crap and get you on the path to having a kick-ass life.

The harsh reality is your greatest enemy to having the life you want is you. Are you settling for the status quo because it’s easy? Are you taking the path of least resistance because it’s too exhausting to put more on your plate or deal with the unknown right now?

Or are you in a waiting mode…waiting for the kids to get out of school…waiting for all the things you’re juggling to settle down…waiting for that promotion…waiting for that root canal.

The good news is that while you may need to do some work to get where you want to go, you are also your greatest asset to creating the change that you desire. And with the right guidance in this program, we’ll get you there faster than you can on your own. We’ll guide you through our proven six-step process so that you can create your path and be excited about embracing a better, more fulfilling life.

What You Get

Our experience is that most people are taking a couple steps forward and an occasional step back. They’re making some progress but it’s not as quick or steadfast as they would like. Some areas of their life are good, while other areas are being held together by duct tape and super glue.

We all have challenges and obstacles. While we can’t eliminate them, we can show you a sure-fire way to address them so that they don’t trip you up (again). In order to do that and get you on path to your best life, we have structured a program that will walk you through the U-Factor Six Step Process:

  • Step 1: Uncovering your most authentic self and how to live true to your purpose.
  • Step 2: Discovering what is making you successful and what’s causing the bottlenecks to even more happiness.
  • Step 3: Creating the vision and path for your future building on your individual strengths and passions.
  • Step 4: Making your vision tangible by putting together your SMARTY goals and Personal Development Plan.
  • Step 5: Implementing your action steps with clear and concise tasks for achievement.
  • Step 6: Holding you accountable. You didn’t think we were going to let you off the hook, did you?

Simply put, the program is designed to jumpstart you into a new life. You get to focus on what’s most important to you, using our methods and implementation tools.

And to make it even better, you can learn in your pajamas if you want. This is a virtual program, so you can participate on the calls and coaching sessions wherever you are and however you want.

And How You’ll Get It

We understand that different folks learn different ways. So we’ve combined a variety of learning modalities (a fancy training word we throw in just to let you know that we know…you know), so that you’re able to get the best results. During the two month program, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Weekly One-On-One Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
  • Weekly Lessons and Exercises
  • Training Videos
  • Peer Accountability Partners
  • Mastermind and Focus Groups run by subject-matter experts

Through the combination of these approaches, we can ensure that you are building traction, making progress and bypassing that mid-life crisis. In addition, program founders, Will and Chris, have over 40 years (ok, no old guy jokes…we prefer “seasoned and worldly”) in accountability coaching. So there isn’t much we haven’t dealt with before.

The Bottom-Line

The bottom-line is the bottom-line. In other words, if you get results, you’ll be happy. And if you’re happy, we’re happy. And if you’re not happy (for any reason…no need to read the fine print since there isn’t any), we give you our No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee


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