This program is perfect if you are:

  • A one-armed paper hanger. You’re busy, busy, busy; but you feel like you’re not productive. You’re overworked with the stuff that really doesn’t bring long-term success. You’re exhausted and stressed.
  • Slammed. You’re buried with to-do lists and tasks and even though you’re making progress, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.
  • Always “almost there.” You can see the finish line but things keep getting in the way. You seem so close, yet so far away!
  • Over it. You’re over-committed, over-extended, over-scheduled and just over-everything! You want more freedom, more flexibility and more time to do the things that really matter most to you.

The results you get:

• Increase the time you spend on REVENUE generating activities by 20% – 50%
• Be the most FOCUSED you have ever been in your life
• Finally SLAP your email around instead of the other way around
• Learn how to adapt and customize this PROVEN productivity rocking system to work for you

  1. How you get it:

    • Weekly group calls (only 30 minutes each)*
    • Rock’n instructional videos
    • Easy-to-use weekly activities
    • Weekly one-on-one coaching and much more!
    * ‘Live’ sessions are a powerful option as well for groups of 10 or more and requires some program tweaks so you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Click below to see what do you learn each week:

  1. Week 1: Where are you spending your time?

    • Discover some of the tapes you have playing in your head that keep screwing you up
    • Learn where you actually spend your time vs. your perception of where you spend your time (you’ll be surprised)

  1. Week 2: Traps, strategies, and the 3 types of time

    • Learn how identifying and using the 3 types of time can change how you invest your time
    • Identify and learn to mitigate your time traps like:
    o Taming your email
    o Meetings gone amuck
    o Smartphone rehab
    o Learn which tasks to prioritize (probably not what you think) to increase your productivity

  1. Week 3: How to get more out of less time

    • Understand the science behind why we all get so distracted
    • Explore and implement proven strategies to improve focus on the tasks that actually make you more productive
    • Find out how to concentrate on the key drivers to your success (80/20)
    • Learn a proven way to make your new habits stick

  1. Week 4: How to make or break your work calendar

    • Create a fool-proof system that reduces or eliminates those days you spend putting out fires
    • Integrate and adopt the calendar system to power-boost your productivity
    • Now that work is humming along, start using all of these strategies to get more time in your personal life

  1. Week 5: Making it all work

    • Summarize all of the major lessons
    • Strategies for handling future challenges
    • How to keep rolling with what you learned so you can remain unstoppable
    • Additional resources

What are people saying about the program?

  1. Dan G., Partner, JGB Law Firm

    Your counsel reduced our personal stress and made our business vastly more profitable. I was so pleased with the results I brought them into work with the entire staff.

  1. Michelle B, C.O.O., Prudential Financial Services

    I now consistently save 5 hours a week at work and I go home on time every day.

  1. Chris R., Serial Entrepreneur

    I run two companies and within two months I went from netting around $2500 a month to more than $10,000.

  1. Mark B. Managing Partner, Randstad USA

    The email system they teach you is amazing! That alone has saved a TON of time. Now I can focus on the things that make me and my staff more productive and we are really turning around this quarter! I was so impressed; I recommended this program to several other departments and even my boss.


So how does this work again?

You’ll dial into a 30-minute weekly call where we will discuss the lesson of the week. Each lesson comes with an exercise assignment that you can implement and put into practice immediately. The assignments are building blocks that will help you put the time management puzzle together. During the call, you’ll be able to participate by sharing questions or challenges and hearing insights and success stories from others. Don’t worry, if for some reason, you can’t make the calls, they are recorded, so you can listen at your convenience.
You also receive one-on-one coaching calls each week. You get a 15-minute power session to help you stay focused and accountable each week. If you need anything else to sweeten the deal, you also get our No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you get your money back. It’s that simple. In other words, there is no risk to you. Nada, nilch, zip!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.