Six Secrets of Sales Magnets: Book


Six Secrets of Sales Magnets

This book is the breakthrough guide for every salesperson who wants to uncover the secrets that separate average performers from the true super achievers in sales. Learn how “Sales Magnets” do things differently and how that difference propels them to the top of their field.

This is an easy-to-read guide that includes practical real world strategies to address everyday challenges and opportunities. The detailed look at common sales practices that keep you stuck in ‘Vendorville’ is a real eye-opener. Among the many golden nuggets in this book, you’ll learn how to remove sales pressure, change the sales dynamic, quit chasing after deals and start closing 80-90% of your prospects.

What Others Are Saying About This Book:

“Simply the best book on sales and business you will read this year – guaranteed to make a difference in your life.”

–Ben Meredith – President, B & B Consulting Services


“When reading this book, I was struck with new, easily applied ways to improve my skills and sales. I’ve passed this along to each member of our team as required reading.”

–Bill Zadeits – VP & Group Publisher, Cherokee Publishing


“You have distilled in one small tome what sales trainers have been attempting to write over decades and millions of pages. The basic concept of Bull’s Eye Marketing is so simple that it apparently escaped notice by everyone else. It is one of those ‘whack your forehead’ ideas. Great stuff. Every sales manager should give this book to every new sales hire on their first day on the job.”

–Jim Belfield – Chief Marketing Officer, Colonial Farm Credit


“Sales Magnetism has changed my life. This book is packed with infinite wisdom.”

–Sandra Sylvester – President, Superior Global Solutions, Inc.

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