MP3 Un-Stuck Yourself!


Go Un-Stuck Yourself!

3 Keys To Unlocking Self-sabotage, Bad Habits and Indecision.

Are you staring at the ceiling wondering how you got here AGAIN- and this is a new job? Is your confidence rattled because you find yourself mired down! Are you going back and forth on making any bold decisions that could change things because… what if it doesn’t work?
It might be finally time to un-stuck yourself!

Join Hypnotist and EFT practitioner Vickie Griffith of BreakThrough and Success Coach Chris Harris of RefuseOrdinary.
During this powerful 60 minute recording Chris and Vickie will help you:

  • Learn a 3 step process and get the root of what is really holding you back
  • Explore the “Habit Loop” and conquer destructive behaviors.
  • Discover 3 easy methods to making reliable and confident decisions– without regret

If you are finally ready to take back this part of your life and career then let us help by teaching you some powerful tools that give you the confidence to get un-stuck and… move forward!

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