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The Business Disruptors Series

The Game-Changing Strategies YOU Need To Thrive In Today’s New Reality

Since the economy turned upside down, more than a few of the best business practices have not only changed but have made seismic shifts. One thing is for certain, doing more of the same old thing is not working. So we studied the latest trends, conducted focus groups with top business leaders and researched what the most successful companies are doing to kick butt.  The common denominator is that these emerging superstars are executing strategies that aggressively address the 5 Key Business Disruptors.

  • The Generational Shift
  • Heightened Price Sensitivity
  • Increased Competition
  • Lack of Differentiation
  • Reduced Client Loyalty

In this 130 Minute audio download, you’ll get:

Part 1: Riding The Generational Tsunami 

How to engage and sell to the different generations because one size does NOT fit all

Here’s a taste:

  • The shocking truth about what’s happening NOW 
  • Selling to Boomers 
  • Selling to Gen Xers 
  • Selling to Millennials 
  • How to incentivize and motivate a Millennial sales force 
  • Key Takeaways and Action Items  

Part 2: Handling Price Sensitivity 

When to negotiate and how to stand firm without sacrificing your profit margins

Here’s a taste:

  • Your client likes your offer but wants a lower price…now what? 
  • Key factors to consider BEFORE you start negotiating 
  • The secrets to negotiating prices AND protecting margins 
  • How to keep yourself in check 
  • Addressing the big FEAR everyone has – losing a big client 
  • Key Takeaways and Action Items 

Part 3: Getting Paid To Stand Out 

How to set yourself apart in a sea of competition and gain unbreakable client loyalty

Here’s a taste:

  • What actually drives client loyalty 
  • Providing unparalleled value and landing a huge client 
  • Being an expert and serving a Bull’s Eye Market
  • A formula which truly sets you apart and lands more clients 
  • What you MUST provide your client 
  • Key Takeaways and Action Items 

“My business is up 25% in comparison to this time last year!”

–A. Burgess, Partner; Sands Anderson PC

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