Mentoring: eBook


The Complete Mentoring Resource Guide & Toolkit

Creating a mentoring culture can transform your organization into a collaborative learning environment. The NEW “Age of Mentoring” is here and this guide will provide you with the latest innovations to help you start or build on your current mentoring initiatives.

And the timing couldn’t be more critical. As your senior folks are exiting the workforce in record numbers, younger Millennials are joining your team. To avoid the ‘brain drain’ of the retiring Baby Boomers and to provide guidance and support to your youngest recruits, the ‘right’ mentoring initiatives can bridge the ‘great divide.’ The result is more engaged workers, at all levels, and a sure-fire way for your organization to stay relevant, be competitive and thrive.

In addition to the Guide, the accompanying Toolkit is the ultimate resource and includes 16 must-have guidelines, tools and assessments that will help you catapult your mentoring program to the next level. These include an Implementation Checklist, Protocols for Partner Pairing, Program Evaluation Guidelines, a Confidentiality Agreement and an Orientation Guideline, as well as a host of other resources specifically designed for supporting mentors and their mentees.

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