Disruptors Series: Companion Workbook


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The Business Disruptors Series WORKBOOK

This Workbook is the indispensable companion to The Business Disruptors Audio Program. So your first thought may be “What makes this indispensable?” And do I really need this?

Have you ever read a great business book, watched an insightful speaker or listened to an amazing audio program but didn’t take action on the ideas presented? Unfortunately, we all have. Usually, it’s because we didn’t know how to easily take the ideas presented and craft them into workable strategies tailored to our needs. And so despite the newly acquired knowledge, we failed to take the necessary steps to implement and APPLY what we learned.

Well, that’s why this workbook is an indispensable tool and resource for you. We’ll guide you through the questions, steps and exercises to APPLY the sales strategies and tactics to help you thrive in today’s changing business landscape.

Specifically, you’ll receive over 40 pages of rich content and 17 exercises to guide your decisions and help you have breakthrough sales success. You’ll get:

  • Insightful ways to attract, hire and retain a Millennial sales force
  • Proven tactics to customize your selling and communication approach for the different generations
  • 10 key questions to consider before negotiating price
  • 9 effective strategies to counter a price-sensitive client
  • The winning ways to secure customer loyalty according to the latest research
  • An effective model to zero in on your “perfect client”
  • 3 focus points to determine your own Unparalleled Value and win big clients
  • And much more
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