Six Secrets: Companion Workbook


Six Secrets of Sales Magnets: Companion Workbook

In the book, “Six Secrets of Sales Magnets,” you will learn the key differences that separate average salespeople from good and great salespeople. Depending on where you are in your sales and business career, these “six secrets” may surprise you or just confirm what you already know. But you also probably realize that there is often a big gap between knowing and doing. In fact, the saying, “Knowledge is power” is a fallacy. It should be “Applied knowledge is power.”

We encourage you to take the lessons highlighted in this Workbook and determine how you can apply them in your daily sales life. After assessing whether you are Average, Professional or Magnetic with regard to each key secret or lesson, answer the Self Discovery Questions, review the Summary items and complete the Action Steps section of the Workbook.

Develop Action Steps or goals that are SMARTY – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistically High, Time-Bound and Yours. But don’t stop there. Make sure that you schedule the tasks that you need to do and set up an accountability system for completing them.

With the right focus and the right activity, you can replace your current habits with more productive ones. It’s very doable if you want it enough! And the good news is that the difference between good and great is often subtle, yet very powerful.

There’s a quote that says, “It has been said that there is little difference between people. It is that difference that makes ALL the difference.”

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