Here’s what folks are saying about us:

“I have seen Chris speak on several occasions at venues such as NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers), SWAN (Successful Women for Advancement & Networking), and local chamber events. I’m always impressed with his energy and ability to engage the room. Whether he’s talking about time management, keeping on top of email, or ways to kick procrastination to the curb, I always take away valuable information. I highly recommend Chris as a speaker as well as for his small business coaching services!”

- Erin Podbielniak, Owner; TheNeatNiche, Richmond, VA

“Chris Harris is a prime example of an excellent personal and business coach. I hired Chris as I was leaving my last firm and looking for direction in my career. He was more than helpful in determining the most rational steps after my leave. I’ve worked with him multiple time since and I am very happy with his expertise!”

-Rommie Head, Co-Founder; OxNest Studios, Richmond VA

“Chris has a personal approach with an accountable attitude. He provided personal development training that turned in to so much more. The overall results led me to approach my position using my strengths while measuring effort against results. The outcome is an improved attitude while I incorporated the importance of time management and quality time with my family. I expect a better 2013 because of his insight and direction.”

- Delia Hudgins, Account Executive; Sentara Health Care

“After working with Chris, I was able to narrow down three potential career paths in one short month and began applying for jobs and networking with professionals in my desired fields. He helped me think outside of the box and consider careers that I had never looked into before. With his help and guidance, I discovered career opportunities that I had never thought of before! Now I am enjoying my new career as a program assistant at Harvard Law School.”

- Abbe Nasshan, Program Assistant, Institute for Global Law and Policy; Harvard Law School

“As a result of the program, I have my email under control and only check it 3 times a day. That’s a first! My business has already grown by 10 % in just a few weeks.  AND most importantly, I have shortened each work day by  least an hour a day.  I spend that new-found precious time on MYSELF!”

- Bonnie Cauthorn Principal; Design Source Inc. Richmond, VA

“…Chris’ counsel reduced our personal stress and made our business vastly more profitable. I was so pleased with his results with management that I brought him to work with the entire staff. I am glad to see him coaching again as it seems to be his gift and passion”

-Dan Gasink, Partner; Johnson, Gasink, and Baxter, LLP, Williamsburg, VA

“I run two companies and within two months I went from netting around $2500 a month to more than $10,000… Chris, I‘d like to thank you for not only helping me make more money, but also encouraging me and showing me how to live my life under my terms!”

- Chris Raha; Entrepreneur, Mathews, VA

“I have recently worked with Chris who has provided me professional coaching services, guidance, wisdom and insight. He willingly worked with my complex schedule. My time on the phone with him yielded personal and professional results that help me find a wonderful lifestyle and career in Rome Georgia.”

- Noah Simon, Assistant County Manager, Floyd, GA

“I really needed help staying on task to make my dream of starting a craft brewery a reality. I really was getting distracted and a little overwhelmed… My life had been turned upside down several times in rapid succession, first with the death of my husband and having a new roommate move in, and then losing my job. My confidence level and attention span were both woefully inadequate for the challenge of creating a new career in a completely new field…Chris helped me create the habits I needed to get my life together and today I just brewed my first batch of beer!!!”

- Jerri C. ,Williamsburg, VA

“Wow! I can’t thank you enough for U-Factor! The light bulbs started going off and they’re still burning brightly thanks to the program. I love discovering that the changes and choices I want to make have been inside me the whole time. It just took U-Factor to help me see — and act — on them. I feel energized and pumped up about my life and I know I’m heading in the right direction. And with U-Factor I now have the tools to reach my goals.”

- Jennifer N.

“I highly recommend working with Will. He is as genuine as they come, focused on delivering, creative, and has a proven track record of success. You will see immediate dividends from the ideas, strategies, and habits…as you’re developing them!”

-Michael Emery, Patient Services , Richmond, VA

“Will Turner has never been ordinary. He’s extraordinary and sees the greatness in those around him.”

- Darby L.

 “When we had our coaching session while I was waiting in the Jackson Airport, you really helped me get unblocked.  You helped me quit thinking about the logistics of my goal and focus on the possibilities of my vision…Thanks Chris! Your coaching gave me the tools to figure out the direction I wanted to take!”

-Jennifer Saunders, NEW Owner; Twig, Richmond, VA

 “Yesterday it occurred to me, for the first time in my life, that the only friends I have are people who come to me when they need to talk it out but never the other way around. I have never placed any value on my own needs. That’s a difficult habit to reverse. Thanks for giving me the strength and help to finally recognize it and the coaching to get me through this. ”

- Erin M.

“The email system they teach you is amazing! That alone has saved a TON of time. Now I can focus on the things that make me and my staff more productive and we are really turning around this quarter!  I was so impressed; I recommended this program to several other departments and even my boss.”

- Mark Bernecker, Managing Partner; The Mergis Group

“I really do want to be successful in my endeavors. I completely believe in what I’m doing and in my vision for where I’m going. I get very afraid of my own power, my own potential for real greatness and I sabotage myself. This is a chronic pattern. I hate to admit this. But I am committed to changing my patterns. Thanks for giving me the tools and support to make this happen!”

- Melanie M.

“Chris is a talented coach who listens well, guides intelligently and gently but firmly pushes you to exceed your own expectations.”

-Jenny Inker, Executive Director; Chambell Senior Living, Williamsburg VA