Emotional Intelligence Assessments


Over the last decade, we have used many assessments and reviewed even more for our clients. Without a doubt, our go-to assessment is the Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Its versatility, depth and relevance make it a more valuable development tool than more popular instruments like Myers Briggs and DiSC Profile…in our humble opinion.

So why use an emotional intelligence assessment? In one study, 90% of top performers were found to be high in Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence, much more so than IQ, is a predictor of success on the job. No other instrument does a better job of assessing those areas that drive performance in vibrant and dynamic work cultures.

Regardless of whether you’re a CEO or a salesperson, the assessment will provide insightful information in 15 key competency areas like self-regard, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, empathy, flexibility, independence, and stress tolerance.

We marry the assessment with our own Personal Development Plans and our 12-Step Advancement Process to create a winning combination to mentor, coach and develop your team. It’s the perfect way to start the dialogue and create an action plan for improving skills and developing peak performance.