You have big goals for your firm. You want solid, sustainable growth. You want growth that doesn’t feel like it’s hitched to a rollercoaster. Up one quarter and down the next.

You can pour more money into advertising, public relations and other marketing programs. Unfortunately, your message is being muffled. With so much competition, you probably struggle to be heard above the ‘noise.’ And while marketing campaigns can be valuable and necessary, they have a limited shelf-life.

Let’s face it, a strong business development engine is the lifeblood of your firm. How will you invest in your future? What if you could invest in your people and see a return on your investment now…and for years to come! Would a return of 10:1 (or more) be worth your effort?

When it comes to business development, you may be thinking, “My people just aren’t good at it.” You’ve heard all of their excuses. “I don’t know how.” “I’m too busy.” “I have to focus on billable hours.” Blah, blah, blah. We get it. And we know how to fix it.

The good news is that great business development rainmakers are NOT born…they’re made. Yea…really! Sure, some people have natural abilities and skills that make it easier. But we have proven processes that work for professional firms just like yours. And for people who prefer to ‘run and hide’ from business development.

About The Program:

Our comprehensive training program is designed to take your team from A to Z. When it comes to creating a business development process that works, we have a proven track record. It’s a multi-module training program that digs deep to build skills and hone strategies that will win clients and keep them coming back. There are over 15 modules to choose from.

  1. A list of our most popular modules
    • Unlocking Potential – The Secrets To Optimal Performance
    • Developing A Prospecting System That Works
    • Communication Strategies To Build Trust & Engagement
    • Uncovering The Power Of Emotional Intelligence
    • Creating Your Personal Brand To Set Yourself Apart
    • Owning Your Market & Being The Go-To Expert
    • Taking Your Networking To The Next Level
    • Building Rock-Solid Referral Partnerships
    • Becoming A Value-Driven Relationship Builder
    • Integrating Social Selling Into Your Business Development
    • Building & Leveraging Expertise
    • Testing For Fit To Go Beyond Needs & Tap Into Emotional Wants
    • Creating Unbreakable Customer Loyalty

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. 1. Can you really deliver? Can we get the revenue growth that we want by engaging you?

    It’s not unusual for us to get massive increases in revenue for our clients. And we are happy to provide performance guarantees; we’re that confident in what we do and the results we’ll get for you. With that said, we will expect certain things from you and your team in return.

    Most importantly, you should know that we have thousands of raving fans for customers. We have facilitated, coached and taught business development all over the globe. We’ve been in the trenches ourselves in both sales and sales management positions so we have real world experience and our share of ‘war stories.’

    In addition, we bring a depth of understanding and skills that come from being sales experts. In other words, you get us, not junior-level trainers/facilitators who are teaching without the personal expertise and experience to back them up.

  1. 2. How are you different than other business development programs?

    First, we approach business development from a fundamentally different space than what is typical in the marketplace. We don’t believe that it’s a battle or a game, where the goal is to win at all costs. That implies that there are winners and losers and that just doesn’t make sense if you want to build long-term partnerships with your customers.

    With that said, we go against typical dogma because we think this approach is outdated, damaging and downright ineffective. So our teachings are sometimes eye-opening and counterintuitive to the norm. Challenging the status quo actually leads to great results. Core to this approach is selling with complete integrity and transparency. So we throw out old school tricks, tips and gimmicks that apply pressure in lieu of having deeper conversations that get to the emotional ‘wants’ of our customers.

    Having a different approach is not enough though. We also use a unique combination of processes to build skills, improve learning, enhance retention and facilitate the application of the materials. In fact, in our programs we use over a dozen different processes and adult learning methodologies to ensure that our clients not only ‘get it’ but are able to ‘apply it.’

    The sad news is that most training companies are delivering content in a manner that does NOT lead to long-term retention and application. Case in point, most training relies on sharing or delivering content in hopes that the participants will absorb and use it to become better. The research indicates that when someone is exposed to new information for the first time, they retain 50% after 24 hours, 25% after 48 hours and only 2% after 16 days. That’s why getting your team to attend a seminar and hoping that they miraculously improve is wishful thinking. So if your team is getting sales training in a webinar, ‘live’ or virtual format without building in repetition, facilitated discussion, application exercises, accountability and other processes; you are probably wasting your money and your time.

    Last, but not least, as the name of the program implies, Difference Maker Business Development is more than just getting your team to crush their numbers. It’s about igniting something deeper that goes beyond being a revenue driver. You may ‘get this’ without any further explanation. If you’re a leader who is driven to build your team – both professionally and personally – to be all that they can be, you are wired to be a Difference-Maker.

    If you need more convincing that this matters, let us just say one word – Millenials. Ok, we may need to elaborate a bit. If Millenials – those born after 1980 – are not already a big part of your sales team, they likely will be in the near future. They will also be a larger part of the market you are selling to. And one thing is very clear, Millenials don’t ‘live to work,’ they ‘work to live.’

    That means if you want to retain your millennial work force, you need to create a culture that supports them on and off the job. You need to provide an environment where they feel like they can grow and a place where they can support their own strong desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. This program is unlike any other one out there in how it addresses this growing and important workforce dynamic.


  1. 3. Will we see a ROI that will blow our socks off?

    We pride ourselves on getting RESULTS for our clients. Clients who participate in our comprehensive training programs typically see revenue growth of 20% to 50% or more within the first year of completion.

    If you could get a return of investment of 10:1 or higher, would you feel like you made a good investment? In other words, if you could make a $10 (or more) for every $1 invested, would you? If the answer is “yes,” then we should talk about our Difference-Maker Guarantee Program.