Times they are ‘a chang’n!’ If we look at the big picture, we are in for one hellacious ride in the next five years. Is your organization ready to rock ‘n roll?

Baby boomers are retiring at a rate of 12,000 per day. At the same time, the wave of Millenials is building to tsunami strength. By 2020, Millenials will represent almost 50% of the workforce. Can you say, “Holy Moly!”

Things are about to get very interesting. Very quickly. The business world is going to see a changing of the guard, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

The end result….there will be a lot of wreckage. But there will also be organizations that crest the wave “cowabunga style.”

Tap into your talent. Create a culture of growth. Foster accountability and responsibility where everyone steps up. You can even generate heart-warming collaboration that would resonate with every mother who ever uttered the words, “Wait until your father gets home!”

The Difference Maker Mentoring program is based on a simple but profound principle. People matter.

Your people matter. Tapping into their potential matters. Creating a culture of collaboration, growth and leadership matters. Taking responsibility and being accountable matters. How you invest in your people matters.

You get the point. When “people matter” goes beyond being something you say and starts being something you do, you’ll make a DIFFERENCE.