Time Management

10 Ways To Be More Productive Today!

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According to a recent survey, 66% of adult Americans claim they don’t have enough time. It’s a staggering statistic when you stop to think about it. Are you among the majority of folks who are feeling overwhelmed or rushed to get it all done? Here are 10 quick fixes to help you get through your work day feeling more productive and less stressed. Make your list of what has to get done today. And prioritize it. Stick to working only on tasks that are on your list. Once you start on something from your list, stay focused on it until it’s complete. Clean off your workspace (at least get your piles out of sight) so you are not distracted or overwhelmed by all of the stuff that needs to get done. Only pull out the files or work that is related to the project at...

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Create Your 2014 “Top 10 List For Bliss”…In Just 20 Minutes

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‘Tis the season when our attention shifts to New Year’s resolutions and annual goals. Seems like some people love them, while others are less than enthusiastic. And it seems like the two camps are firmly entrenched, so I don’t think my opinion in a blog post is likely to make converts. So instead, let me share something else you can do in 20 minutes that will set the stage for an amazing year. It’s simple. You just need to fill in the blanks to the following 10 items to help give you clarity, focus and resolve for the next 12 months. I call this list my “Top Ten List For Bliss.” 1. My word for 2014 is ____________________. 2. My emotion for 2014 is ____________________. 3. My focus for 2014 is ____________________. 4. My strength to leverage for 2014...

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January Is Usually NOT A Good Month To Start Something New

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How many new systems, protocols, rollouts, or even workouts are slated to begin the first of the year? Sounds like a great idea, right? There are so many rational explanations for this type of thinking, such as: Start the year off on the right foot! Let’s just wait until the first of the year when there won’t be as many distractions! Don’t rock the boat during the holidays! I hear this often and it makes me nuts! Here are 3 reasons why starting something new is better suited for December. Shift your mindset – My business partner is an endurance athlete. If he’s got a big race slated for January 9th, he isn’t going to start preparing for that race on January 1st. He starts training for the big day 4 to 6 months in advance. The...

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