04Oct 2017

This past weekend, my wife and I had the amazing opportunity to attend the annual Entrepreneurship Summit at Washington and Lee University. For two days, we rubbed elbows with scores of trendsetters, thought leaders, business disruptors, billionaires, philanthropists, and social reformers from every corner of the business world. Amanda and I immersed ourselves in learning […]

30Aug 2017

Growth doesn’t come when things are going smoothly. And in my experience, “transformative” (I know…I hate that word too…because it’s overused and over-hyped) growth is usually born out of struggle and sacrifice and a steadfast commitment to something that is hard and challenging. The reality is that most people avoid the one thing that gets […]

23Aug 2017

I recently read an article in SUCCESS Magazine, addressing something I thought was nearly impossible—scientific proof of the possibility to change people around you for the better. Given the recent violence in Charlottesville and around the world, this seems like a timely, but absurd, notion. How can you realistically influence people to adopt a more […]