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Lessons From A Track Workout

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A friend of mine posted this on facebook this morning: “I’m not telling you to jump off tall buildings, or swim with whales, but to live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle.” It was a timely reminder for my Tuesday morning ritual. I met two of my favorite running buds, Janice and Katherine, this morning for our weekly track workout. It’s always great to have moral support on a tough workout. As we were doing some striders to get ready for our impending loops around the track, Janice remarked, “I hate this.” And that is exactly why we do it. Because doing it is hard and it makes us faster. And while we may hate it in the moment, we finish feeling more empowered and stronger for our efforts. If you’re not familiar with what a track...

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Having The Tough Conversations – 5 Tips For Win-Win Outcomes

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I was conducting a mentoring workshop for a new client last week and the question came up, “What about having those tough conversations?” The president of the firm was raising a concern that many of us have. How do you approach a sensitive and potentially challenging conversation with someone you are mentoring? Of course, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a mentoring role or not, the answer is the same. The core currency in any relationship, whether it’s a mentoring relationship, a relationship with a colleague or a personal relationship, is trust. If you’ve established a relationship based on trust, giving (and receiving) difficult feedback is going to be easier. So if you build relationships based on trust, you will be in a better position to have a...

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5 Simple Strategies To Recharge Your Mojo

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Do you ever feel burnt out or in need of a little motivation boost? It can happen to any of us from time to time. If you’re constantly on the go, it’s easy to feel tired, stressed and in need of a little relief. Here are five simple strategies to recharge your batteries and be ready to tackle the world (again). 1. Unplug – Take a day off. In our 24/7 immediate-access culture, the idea of unplugging may seem like a far-fetched notion, but it’s not. For the truly addicted, this may cause a bit of anxiety at first, but neither the world nor you will implode because you’re offline for a day. Give yourself a much-deserved guilt-free break from the constant pinging and dinging and re-connect to things that truly matter. For a longer-term impact, set boundaries...

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