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Our Story…


Two guys met at a Richmond coffee shop one warm October day in 2011…

Will and Chris were anything but ordinary. One was an Ironman, a sales guru and an international speaker. The other was a former wilderness sports instructor, a productivity coach and a corporate trainer. Their respective journeys, up to that point, had taken them on one nonstop tumultuous and thrilling ride. Taking one around the globe and the other to the brink of death. It seemed fate wanted these two to do  something BOLD together.

And bold it would be. They set out that day to solve a HUMONGOUS challenge…How to change the face of business and the world in the process. No big deal… right?

They went straight to work. Equipped with over 40 years of experience working with everyone from CEOs of large corporations to small local business owners. They intimately understood how to drive revenue, as well as how adults learned, how to foster substantial change and how to get meaningful results for their clients.

For five weeks they scribbled notes on napkins and crashed hard drives as they brainstormed, piled up ideas and discussed ways to achieve their vision. Their fevered pitch of excitement, creativity and know-how finally paid off on the 5th Friday of the 5th week...

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    It was finally done – they had created the foundation for a new company, and it was anything but average or ordinary because, well…being ordinary sucks!The name they proudly chose was RefuseOrdinary and its mission is to create a cult-like following by going beyond the conventional and doing work that deeply inspires and changes their clients – down to their core. 

    They continue to work with sales drivers – those people responsible for bringing in the revenue, making money and building high-powered business development engines! Their approach is not for the faint of heart. But it is for those whose heart is true. Because there is nothing more powerful than living your passion, being deeply authentic and bringing out the absolute best in yourself and others.

    If you’re NOT willing to settle for average or ordinary, if you are ready to be BOLDER and if making a difference is just as important as making a great living; it’s time to learn more about how you can be a DIFFERENCE-MAKER for your organization.